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Are you looking for an unforgettable restaurant experience on your next trip to Lisbon, Portugal? Eating out in the heart of Europe’s westernmost capital is a marvelous treat and one that should not be missed. Whether you’re craving seafood from the nearby Atlantic coast or savoring traditional Portuguese cuisine, there are many delicious restaurants in Lisbon giving locals and visitors alike the perfect dining opportunity. With this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best eateries in town to give you a flavorful snapshot of what Lisbon has to offer. You won’t want to miss out on any of these amazing places! 

Best Lisbon restaurant

1. Alma - Best Lisbon restaurant

Alma- Best Lisbon restaurant

Restaurant Alma in Lisbon, Portugal is a fantastic destination for food-lovers. Its unique menu takes traditional Portuguese flavors, and infuses them with modern gastronomy. From the freshest seafood to homemade desserts with bold ingredients and presentation, every dish from Restaurant Alma is full of excitement and taste. Plus, its location in Bairro Alto offers wonderful views of the capital city’s vibrant charm. Whether you’re planning a special meal out, or just looking for a delicious experience while in Lisbon, Restaurant Alma is an absolute must!

Lunch – Diner


What to celebrate? Then Alma is highly recommended.

2. Sophia - Natural Italian

Sophia- Best Lisbon restaurant

If you’re looking to sample authentic Italian cuisine made with natural and fresh ingredients, then look no further than Restaurant Sophia in Lisbon, Portugal! This cozy spot serves up classic flavors from recipes that have been passed down for generations. Best of all, each dish is specially crafted using only the finest ingredients sourced from local farms and markets, giving you an unparalleled taste of traditional Italian food. Whether you visit for a simple lunch or a special evening out, Restaurant Sophia promises to elevate your culinary experience.

Lunch – Diner


The food is good, with special emphasis on the pizza dough, thin and delicious.

3. Ola Nepal

ola nepal - Best Lisbon restaurant

For a truly unique dining experience, look no further than Restaurant Ola Nepal in Lisbon, Portugal. Here you can enjoy the scrumptious Nepali-inspired food with its unforgettable blends of spices and ingredients. The decor is inspired by traditional Nepali art and settings, so you can feel as if you’ve been transported to an exotic location. The service at Restaurant Ola Nepal is welcoming and attentive, so your every need is taken care of. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure you’ll have an amazing time at this restaurant—dining here is an experience like no other.

Lunch – Diner


Book through Tripadvisor (Fork) to get 30% off. Don’t hesitate just go, you won’t regret it

4. BAHR & Terrace - Best Lisbon restaurant

BAHR & Terrace - Best Lisbon restaurant

Set in the scenic Portuguese capital of Lisbon, Restaurant BAHR & Terrace is carving a name for itself with its exquisite culinary creations. The chefs and staff at BAHR have combined traditional flavours, local ingredients and modern cooking techniques to craft unforgettable dishes that give diners an amazing taste experience. Whatever time of year you visit you can look forward to stunning views from the terrace, a wonderful ambience within and delightful Mediterranean cuisine made with love by true professionals. Whether for casual lunches in the garden, dinner under moonlight or full-scale private events, you will find all your needs catered for at Restaurant BAHR & Terrace – Lisbon’s go-to spot for fine dining excellence!

Breakfast – Lunch – Diner


The aged beef tartare, hollandaise & grilled red cabbage is delightful.

5. Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora - Best Lisbon restaurant

Nestled in the center of bustling Lisbon, Portugal, Restaurant Fauna & Flora is providing customers with a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The cozy atmosphere provides guests with an intimate and comfortable feel, while the walls are lined with plants and nature elements that bring the outside beauty indoors. The restaurant prepares an exquisite mix of Portuguese and Mediterranean delights that will tantalize your palate and make you come alive. Each dish is prepared with love and care, utilizing the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Beyond the delectable food, friends can also enjoy playing a round of shuffleboard or some other classic table games as they share stories and laughter over dinner. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not explore all Lisbon has to offer by day before enjoying a delicious dinner at Fauna & Flora? Come give us a try; we would love to host you!

Breakfast – Lunch


Fills up quickly so keep in mind that there is not always room and you have to wait.

6. Damas

damas - Best Lisbon restaurant

Tucked away in Lisbon’s historical Bairro Alto neighborhood, Restaurant Damas is a truly unique culinary experience. For lovers of authentic Portuguese cuisine, the menu offers an array of traditional dishes and seasonal specialties. But the true highlight of this restaurant is their superb seafood. Their fresh fish dishes cooked to perfection, such as their classic grilled fillet of sea bass served with roasted potatoes and greens, are simply delicious. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out or a cozy dinner with friends, Restaurant Damas is sure to please even the pickiest eaters! Plus, they have an extensive wine list featuring some of Portugal’s best wines which perfectly complement their fare. There’s never been a more inviting place to enjoy a fine dining experience in all of Lisbon! 

Lunch – Diner


The tuna casserole is incredible and the food is served family style.

7. A Cevicheria

A Cevicheria - Best Lisbon restaurant

Situated close to iconic landmarks such as the Castelo de São Jorge and Alfama, Restaurant A Cevicheria in Lisbon, Portugal is a must-visit for seafood lovers! The menu at A Cevicheria is brimming with tasty alternatives – from their traditional ceviche, to grilled fish of the day, as well as creative and flavourful rice dishes. You can also choose from a variety of cocktails designed to complement the Portuguese cuisine. With its curious atmosphere and welcoming staff, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Stop by and sip on a delicious caipirinha while dining on some truly scrumptious seafood – A Cevicheria awaits!

Lunch – Diner


Come before 7pm (or before lunch) then it’s quieter than usual.

8. O Velho Eurico

O Velho Eurico - Best Lisbon restaurant

If you’re ever in the magical city of Lisbon, Portugal, be sure to make space for a visit to Restaurant O Velho Eurico. This charming restaurant offers traditional dishes made with local ingredients that are full of flavor and texture. From their signature Bifes Palhais cooked in fresh butter or the savory Salt Cod Rice- stewed codfish over white rice – it’s no wonder why this is one of Lisbon’s favorite restaurants. With its friendly atmosphere and attentive staff, an evening at Restaurant O Velho Eurico will always leave you feeling satisfied with delicious food and warm memories that will stay with you long after your trip has ended. 

Lunch – Diner

Let this authentic restaurant surprise you, as there is no menu available in English.

9. Taberna Sal Grosso

Taberna Sal Grosso - Best Lisbon restaurant

Taberna Sal Grosso in Lisbon, Portugal is a must-visit destination! The restaurant is well-known for its delectable fresh seafood dishes and delicious Portuguese wines. Upon entry, you will get swept away with the peaceful atmosphere and traditional decorations. Additionally, their commitment to quality and passion for authentic flavors make it stand out amongst other restaurants in Lisbon. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or catching up with friends, Taberna Sal Grosso is the perfect spot! Plus, you are guaranteed to leave feeling full and happy. So if you ever find yourself in Lisbon, be sure to pay them a visit!

Lunch – Diner

Octopus and traditional cod were particularly good. Make a reservation as it is a small establishment.

10. Cantinho do Avillez - Best Lisbon restaurant

Cantinho do Avillez - Best Lisbon restaurant

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Lunch – Diner


Choose the three course menu. Delicious surprising combinations and flavours.

11. Ofício Tasco Atípico

Ofício Tasco Atípico - Best Lisbon restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Lisbon, Portugal, then look no further than Restaurant Ofício Tasco Atípico! This beautiful bistro and bar serves up delicious locally sourced dishes surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere. The focus here is on seasonal ingredients prepared with traditional techniques and carefully paired with local wines and craft beers. From their brunch menu to their happy hour offerings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Plus, between the restaurant’s cozy indoor seating area and alluring outdoor patio, guests can have a truly unforgettable meal! If you’re ever in Lisbon, be sure to swing by Restaurant Ofício Tasco Atípico for a delicious and truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Lunch – Diner


The crab dish and sardines on toast will turn your world upside down. So much flavor and so delicious!

12. Vestigius

Vestigius - Best Lisbon restaurant

Restaurant Vestigius in Lisbon is a unique experience not to be missed! Set in an old house with amazing decoration and interior style, this restaurant will wow guests with its creative fusion of traditional Portuguese cuisine and modern touches. Enjoy cooking that uses top-quality local ingredients and a wine list selected by award-winning sommeliers. The staff are welcoming and friendly, taking the time to explain the dishes and answer any questions you have. Lively tunes provide the perfect soundtrack for a memorable meal. Visit Restaurant Vestigius in Lisbon for an incredible gastronomic adventure that respects traditions while innovating! 

Breakfast – Lunch – Diner


Delicious pasta with fish, shrimps and mussels. The owner tells with passion how proud she is of Lisbon and is happy to give tips.

13. A Nossa Casa

A Nossa Casa - Best Lisbon restaurant

Restaurant A Nossa Casa in Lisbon, Portugal is a hidden gem worth discovering. Located in the fashionable neighborhood of Principe Real, it offers a classic yet affordable Portuguese dining experience. From a diverse selection of quality wines to delicious dishes prepared with attention and care, this cozy eatery will surely impress your taste buds. Its warm, welcoming atmosphere adds to the charm of the place – perfect for spending an evening with family and friends. Whether you want to try something traditional or exotic, A Nossa Casa has something for everyone – making it an unforgettable culinary experience!



The menu is seasonal, it is subject to changes according to the available product.

14. Pharmacia Felicidade

Pharmacia Felicidade - Best Lisbon restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience in Lisbon, Portugal, look no further than Restaurant harmacia Felicidade! This charming eatery specializes in hearty Portuguese fare with a traditional twist. Whether it’s a classic seafood stew or a succulent beef goulash, you’ll find something to tempt your taste buds from the Restaurant harmacia’s menu. The friendly and attentive staff are sure to make your meal even more enjoyable, making it a must-visit for any visitor seeking an authentic experience in Lisbon. Bon Appetit! 

Lunch – Diner


A nice place to first enjoy a drink in the garden and then sit down at the table to taste typical Portuguese dishes.

15. Bar Boca

Bar Boca- Best Lisbon restaurant - Best Lisbon restaurant

If you’re ever in Lisbon, Portugal, Restaurant Bar Boca is a great spot for relaxing and enjoying an engaging evening out. From their world-class wine selection to the delicious tapas menu, it’s no wonder this spot is making such a splash on the local Lisbon food scene. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the helpful staff will make you feel right at home. Whether you’re looking for bar snacks while sipping on top-shelf cocktails, or you want to indulge in a sit-down dinner with friends, Bar Boca has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Make sure to drop by next time you find yourself in Lisbon!



The food is really good, especially the truffle mashed potato.

Lisbon has become an unmissable culinary capital of Europe in no time. The high-end restaurants offer some astounding delicacies that any discerning traveler should try at least once. On the other hand, there are countless of traditional restaurants and street vendors that still prepare classic dishes in a unique local way evidence why Portuguese cuisine is one of the best in the world. One thing is for sure: A visit to Portugal comes with being treated to some truly delicious meals! So if you ever find yourself in Lisbon, be ready to explore its rich restaurant scene and tantalizing flavors. Bon Appétit!

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