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Things to do in Lisbon Portugal

If you’re looking for a European city that has it all, Lisbon is the perfect destination for you. The Portuguese capital offers visitors an array of cultural experiences ranging from sampling delicious local cuisine and exploring vibrant markets to wandering along ancient cobblestone streets and visiting traditional monuments. With plenty of activities to suit any traveler’s taste, there are always exciting places to explore in this captivating city!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal

1. Take the Santa Justa-elevator

Santa Justa-elevator - Activity Lisbon

If you find yourself in Lisbon, why not take a ride on the famous Activity Santa Justa-elevator? This historical landmark was built in 1902 and is an engineering marvel that automatically transports passengers up 132ft in just over a minute! Activity Santa Justa-elevator has a lot of charm to offer. Its intricate design gathering influence from both Gothic and Neo-Classical styles give it a unique look. With its romantic views of Lisbon’s rooftops, this is definitely one activity to check off your list while visiting the Portuguese capital!


Access is free with the Lisbon Card.

2. Sangria bike ride

Sangria bike ride - Activity Lisbon

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the city of Lisbon, Portugal, then the Activity Sangria Bike Ride is the perfect adventure for you. This one hour bike ride allows you to take in some of Lisbon’s most iconic landmarks while heading off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems along the way. On this delightful journey, you’ll also be able to enjoy two local drinks: sangria and Portuguese beer while learning interesting facts about Lisbon from an experienced guide. Experience history and culture like never before with this amazing offering!


Book now and pay later to secure your spot.

3. Oceanário de Lisbon

Oceanário de Lisbon - Activity Lisbon

The beautiful Oceanário de Lisbon is an unexpected piece of paradise. Located within a stunning park near Parque das Nações, this large aquarium is home to a variety of sea creatures and underwater life. With more than 450 different species including fish, sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and more, visitors enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that comes with observing the aquatic displays in their natural habitats. Plus, you can explore educational exhibits and discover interesting facts about all of the different creatures that inhabit our oceans. Whether it’s your first trip to Lisbon or you’re a returning tourist looking for something new to do – make sure to leave some time to experience all that the Oceanário de Lisbon has to offer!


Guided tours are available in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and German at an additional cost (must be booked in advance).

4. Cooking course

Cooking course - Activity Lisbon

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with a traditional cooking course in Lisbon, Portugal! From the moment you arrive to this wonderful city, you’ll be welcomed with a dish of delicious Portuguese snacks and drinks. You’ll then get right into the cooking action where you’ll learn how to prepare various regional dishes and desserts – all of which will be made from scratch under the guidance of your expert Portuguese instructor! Come away with newfound knowledge and stories to share, as well as a deeper appreciation for the mouthwatering flavors and culture of Portugal. Whether it’s as a special treat or as part of your ongoing learning journey, enrolling in a Lisbon cooking course is sure to provide plenty of delightful moments straight from the kitchen! 


Please note, this activity sells out quickly.

5. Sunset tour

Sunset tour - Activity Lisbon

Want to make your trip to Lisbon an unforgettable one? Consider a sunset tour on a vintage sailboat – setting out from the docks of Terreiro do Paço and onto the Tagus River. Admire the stunning views of Lisbon during the golden moments right before nightfall, and snap some beautiful photos that capture timeless memories. Relax in the comfortable seating or head up on deck for some fresh air, whatever you decide to do you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable and unique experience with this classic sailing adventure.


Please wear comfortable shoes and bring warm clothing for after sunset.

6. Spotting dolphins

Spotting dolphins - Activity Lisbon

Looking for an exciting activity that is unique to Lisbon? Look no further than activity spotting dolphins! During this three hour tour, you can enjoy the vibrant coastal area of the Portuguese capital, as well as watching dolphins swimming and playing in their natural habitat. Soak up sun and admire the wonderful sights of your sea faring adventure, from seabirds to fishing boats. Relax on board a fabulous boat and snap photos of the lively creatures near you. An experience like no other awaits! 


Please note, this activity sells out quickly.

7. Pub crawl in Lisbon

Pub crawl in Lisbon - Activity Lisbon

If you are looking for a fun and exciting night out in Lisbon, then you should try an activity pub crawl. Select from a range of bars, each offering something exciting, from relaxed taverns to glamorous cocktail spots. You can sample delicious Portuguese wine while catching up with friends on beautiful terraces overlooking the city landscape. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Lisbon as you are led around by your local guide who has selected the best places to visit. Stretch your legs between bars by taking leisurely strolls along cobbled streets or walk along the Tagus Riverbank at sunset for some stunning views. Make sure your evening is unforgettable with an activity pub crawl in Portugal’s vibrant capital. 


There is an open bar for beer and sangria for 1 hour.

8. City walk with snacks and wine

City walk with snacks and wine - Activity Lisbon

Looking to stray off the beaten path in Lisbon, Portugal? Look no further than an Activity City walk! This unique tour combines sightseeing with tasty treats, as you stroll through the city’s idyllic streets while enjoying local snacks and drinks. Not only will you be able to explore Lisbon like a local, but you’ll also get to savor some of its best delicacies along the way. Whether it be a glass of wine or an appetizing pastry, you can rest guaranteed that your tastebuds will not be disappointed during this memorable outing! 


Book now and pay later to secure your spot. This is likely to sell out.

There is truly something special about Lisbon, Portugal. From incredible nightlife to cultural landmarks and incredible sights, Lisbon has it all. The best part – no matter what kind of person you are or what type of experience you’re looking for, there’s an activity that’s perfect for you. Spend some time wandering around the beautiful city of Lisbon, take a boat trip around its famous harbor, go out at night and enjoy its famous night-life, or simply spend some time admiring the architectural wonders that show Portugal’s long and storied past. No matter which activities you choose to do in Lisbon, the time spent will be filled with memorable experiences. Take a chance and book your trip soon – you won’t regret it!

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