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Bacalar sightseeing – La Playita, Lagoon en Cenote Cocalitos

Are you looking for sightseeing in Bacalar Mexico? You’ve come to the right place. The tropical place in Yucatan has a number of attractions that you should not miss during your stay in Bacalar. These include the Bacalar Lagoon, the popular Cocalitos and, of course, La Playita. We have listed the most beautiful sights of Bacalar for you.

Sightseeing Bacalar Mexico

1. Bacalar Lagoon

Bacalar Lagoon

Bacalar Lagoon in Mexico is like a Caribbean paradise without the tourist crowds and higher prices, an incredible place to explore. It’s perfect for those who really want to get away from it all: with the crystal clear waters and lush jungle surrounding the area, it’s easy to find peace while diving into the depths. When exploring, the Bacalar lagoon is excellent for swimming and kayaking, and you can fully enjoy the spectacular scenery. With powder-white sand and majestic palm trees lining the shore, it’s no wonder this lagoon is known as one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets!


Rent a boat or book a sailing trip on the lake.

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2. Cenote Cocalitos

Cenote Cocalitos

Cenote Cocalitos in Bacalar, Mexico is the perfect place for a chill vacation! This hidden gem of Quintana Roo is tucked away in secluded jungle near the Maya Riviera. Enjoy a dip in the deep turquoise waters, surrounded by dense foliage and striking limestone hills. Everything from snorkeling to swimming, kayaking and chilling on the jetty are highlights – not to mention incredible sights like ancient crocodiles glistening through the surface. Cocalitos offers a truly unique experience that gives you access to a pristine paradise waiting for your exploration!


Go camping to admire the night show of stars.

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3. La Playita

La Playita

La Playita Bacalar Mexico is a beautiful beach spot with lots to do and see! There is, of course, the beach, where you can enjoy a day lazing in the sun, splashing in the clear water and collecting shells along the shoreline. You can snorkel with fish or explore the beach on horseback. Or hike through the mangroves to look for alligators and exotic birds, such as toucans. La Playita Bacalar offers something for everyone – adventure or relaxation! So why not take a trip to La Playita Bacalar Mexico today? You won’t regret it!


From the restaurant you dive right into the lake.

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Have you been able to choose between the different attractions of Bacalar Mexico? Will it be Bacalar Lagoon? The popular Cocalitos? Or La Playita? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to sightseeing in Bacalar.

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