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Bacalar activity – Sailing, boat trip & kayaking

Are you looking for an activity in Bacalar? Or what to do in Bacalar? You’ve come to the right place. That little paradise in Mexico is a true tropical haven. So you can enjoy various water activities, such as sailing, taking a boat trip or kayaking. You will enjoy the beautiful nature while undertaking something adventurous. We have listed the best activities of Bacalar in Mexico for you.

Activity Bacalar Mexico

1. Sailing Bacalar

Zeilen Bacalar

Explore the beautiful Bacalar Lake in Quintana Roo, Mexico by setting sail for a unique adventure. The sombre blue hue of the waters of this breathtaking lake will draw you in and instantly become part of your travel memories. With its incredible views and sights, it is no wonder that sailing on Bacalar has become one of the best outdoor activities Quintana Roo has to offer. Whether you have sailing experience or not, this trip across the waters of Lake Bacalar is sure to be an unforgettable experience!


This activity often sells out, book your tickets online and pay later.

2. Sunrise paddleboard tour

Paddleboard tour Bacalar

Wake up to the sun and board the morning paddleboard tour at Bacalar. Enjoy a peaceful sunrise on our crystal-clear water, which displays seven shades of blue. Enjoy the beautiful view and get lost in thought as you float along on this soothing tour. They provide all the necessary safety equipment, so don’t be put off if you are an amateur — this is a unique but amazing experience that everyone can enjoy.

3. Boat trip Bacalar

Boottocht Bacalar

If you’re looking for an impressive adventure, you won’t want to miss the Bacalar boat ride. This stunningly beautiful area of Mexico is home to one of the clearest lagoons in the world, and you can soon find yourself marvelling at the sapphire waters on deck. Enjoy the cool breeze coming off the lake as you take in awe-inspiring sights, such as mysterious cenotes scattered across the lagoon and historic forts casting shadows on charming islets. If you haven’t visited Bacalar yet, this boat trip is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!


Reserve your tickets online and pay later.

4. Drift snorkelling Los Rapidos

Drift snorkelen Los Rapidos

If you are looking for a unique activity during your stay at Bacalar, Drift snorkelling is an absolute must. It is a must-do during your visit! Here, you can drift along with the crystal-clear lagoon waters at your own relaxed pace and take in the natural beauty all around. But keep an eye out for the blooming colourful fish in the shallow water. And if you’re feeling daring, jump off the boat into the wonderfully refreshing water for some underwater exploration – but remember to stay within reach of your guide! It is sure to be a fun and unique experience that everyone will love.


Don’t forget your snorkel and have a drink at the restaurant.

5. Kayaking Bacalar

Kajakken Bacalar

If you fancy a fun outdoor adventure, kayaking on the beautiful Bacalar Lake is the perfect choice. Lake Bacalar is a beautiful sight – shimmering water surrounded by lush green forest. And once you get into your kayak, you can see the view from an even more impressive perspective. As you paddle between towering mangrove trees and explore secret islets and cenotes, your experience will be utterly unique and unforgettable! So why not give it a try? Grab some friends or family and hit the water for a great time on Bacalar Lake.


Kayak trip is also possible during sunrise.

Have you been able to choose between the different activities at Bacalar? Will you go sailing on the beautiful lake? Do you do a boat trip, or do you prefer kayaking? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to what to do in Bacalar Mexico.

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