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Sanur accommodation Bali: Best hotels in Sanur!

Sanur accommodation, Bali: If you’re looking for a unique destination that offers something for everyone, look no further than the Balinese village of Sanur. From its stunning coastal views to its vibrant culture and laidback lifestyle, Sanur truly has it all! Whether you want to soak up some sun along the beach or engage in authentic cultural activities, there are plenty of things to do in this charming destination. Explore ancient temples, take mindfulness classes, or enjoy traditional cuisine—the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in local customs and experience life as a true Balinese villager with a visit to Sanur; your trip will be one you’ll never forget! 

Sanur Accommodation Bali:

1. Sanora Villa by INi Vie Hospitality - Luxury Gateaway In Sanur

Sanora Villa by INi Vie Hospitality - Sanur accommodation Bali

Escape to the epitome of serenity and luxury at Sanora Villa, strategically located in the vibrant heart of Sanur. This lavish retreat promises an unparalleled villa experience, meticulously crafted to create enduring memories. Sanora Villa transcends the ordinary, offering carefully designed villas that seamlessly blend modern comforts with the allure of a perfect stay in Sanur. With a choice of three unique villas, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom options, each featuring a private pool and bathtub, your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Ideal for honeymooners, the intimate and secluded villas provide a romantic haven for newlyweds to enjoy the warmth of each other’s company against the serene backdrop of luxurious accommodations. To enhance your romantic escape, Sanora Villa offers unique and personalized surprises, including a floating breakfast in your private pool, festive balloon decorations, exquisite flower arrangements, and intimate candlelit settings—all expertly arranged by their dedicated team. Indulge in a stay where every detail is designed to make your experience truly extraordinary. 


Be sure to sit down and savor a delectable meal at their Thai restaurant: Paed Thai!

2. InterContinental Bali Sanur Resort, an IHG Hotel

InterContinental Bali Sanur Resort - Sanur accommodation Bali

Nestled in the serene heart of Bali’s Sanur district, the InterContinental Bali Sanur Resort stands as a true treasure of the island. From the moment you step through its doors, you’re enveloped in genuine warmth and a sense of community that sets it apart. The resort boasts breathtaking views of Sanur Beach and offers a wealth of luxurious amenities, including a captivating infinity pool, authentic Balinese spa treatments, a well-appointed gym, and one of Sanur’s most delectable restaurants. The hotel’s enchanting traditional Balinese garden provides a haven to explore and lose yourself in. Whether you seek a romantic escape in one of the pool villas or a memorable family vacation in one of the suites, the InterContinental Bali Sanur Resort caters to every desire. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unforgettable slice of paradise. 


For an exceptional culinary experience, savor the delectable offerings at Layang Layang, the on-resort restaurant. The traditional flavors showcased here are truly exquisite.

3. Holiday Inn Bali Sanur, an IHG Hotel

Holiday Inn Bali Sanur - Sanur accommodation Bali

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sanur, Holiday Inn Hotel stands as the ultimate haven for discerning travelers seeking a luxurious and comfortable stay in Sanur Bali. Positioned within close proximity to the beach, shops, and restaurants, this hotel serves as an ideal launchpad for discovering the enchanting wonders of the island. The modern rooms offer a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, featuring plush beds, reliable internet, contemporary bathrooms, and an unforgettable rain shower experience. Beyond the well-appointed accommodations, Holiday Inn impresses with remarkable facilities, including a rooftop pool, cutting-edge fitness center, and a delectable breakfast spread. What truly distinguishes this establishment is its exceptional service delivered by the warm and welcoming staff. The dedicated Holiday Inn team is devoted to ensuring an immediate sense of hospitality, leaving a lasting smile on your face throughout your stay. With a commitment to quality service, outstanding amenities, and genuine care from the staff, the Holiday Inn in Sanur emerges as the quintessential choice for both leisure and business travelers alike. 


In search of unparalleled luxury or a villa with a private pool in one of Sanur’s premier resorts? Consider the InterContinental Sanur as your ideal choice.

4. Segara Village Hotel - Best Value Resort in Bali

Segara Village Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Sanur, Segara Village Hotel is a captivating haven that seamlessly blends traditional Balinese charm with modern luxury. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, this enchanting resort provides an idyllic retreat for those seeking a perfect blend of tranquility and vibrant cultural experiences. The architecture, inspired by the island’s rich heritage, exudes a timeless elegance, with intricately designed Balinese Bungalows and Deluxe rooms. Guests at Segara Village Hotel are treated to an array of world-class amenities, including a three amazing pools, direct access to the beach from the beach deck, rejuvenating spa services, and delectable dining options that showcase the best flavors of the world. The warmth of the staff and the attention to detail create an atmosphere where every moment is a celebration of the island’s beauty and hospitality. Whether indulging in a sunrise breakfast on the beach or savoring a romantic dinner under the stars, Segara Village Hotel invites guests to immerse themselves in the enchanting spirit of Bali for an unforgettable holiday. 


Experience a Sunday Beachside Brunch with an extensive selection of unique dishes, seafood delicacies, and a la carte brunch, promising a decadent culinary journey. Plus, enjoy complimentary access to the resort’s swimming pool and kids’ playground, elevating your Sunday brunch experience to new levels of enjoyment.

5. Hotel Maya Sanur Bali

Hotel Maya Sanur Bali - Sanur accommodation Bali

Discover the epitome of tropical luxury at Hotel Maya Sanur Bali, a captivating haven nestled along the pristine shores of Sanur Beach. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of this resort, where traditional Balinese elegance seamlessly blends with modern comforts. Boasting a lush landscape adorned with exotic flora, the resort offers a serene oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Indulge in the lavish accommodations, each meticulously designed to provide a harmonious balance of sophistication and comfort. Whether you’re lounging by the shimmering pool, savoring delectable culinary delights at the on-site restaurants, or pampering yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment, Hotel Maya Sanur Bali ensures an unforgettable escape. With its prime location, just steps away from the beach and a short stroll from Sanur’s vibrant cultural and culinary scene, this resort invites you to experience the true essence of Bali in style. 


Sanur offers various water sports activities. Check with the resort or local operators for options like snorkeling, paddleboarding, or even windsurfing.

6. Sanur Hotel Puri Santrian

Sanur Hotel Puri Santrian - Sanur accommodation Bali

Indulge in the epitome of Balinese hospitality at Sanur Hotel Puri Santrian, a tropical oasis that beckons you to a world of tranquility and luxury. Nestled along the pristine shores of Sanur Beach, this enchanting resort seamlessly blends traditional Balinese charm with modern comfort. Boasting a range of meticulously designed rooms and suites, each adorned with authentic Balinese décor, Puri Santrian promises an unforgettable stay. Immerse yourself in the lush tropical gardens, unwind by the sparkling pools, and rejuvenate your senses at the on-site spa. With a diverse array of dining options offering delectable Indonesian and international cuisine, your culinary journey is sure to be as enchanting as your surroundings. Sanur Hotel Puri Santrian is more than just a destination; it’s a sanctuary where every moment is crafted to perfection. 


Rent a bicycle and explore the Sanur area. The beach path is perfect for a leisurely bike ride.

7. Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach

Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach - Sanur accommodation Bali

Nestled along the breathtaking shores of Sanur Beach, the Hyatt Regency Bali stands as an epitome of luxury and tranquility, inviting discerning travelers to indulge in an unforgettable escape. Boasting a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and traditional Balinese charm, this opulent haven offers a resplendent retreat. The Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach promises not just accommodation but an immersive experience, with elegantly appointed rooms that provide stunning ocean views and luxurious amenities. Guests can savor culinary delights at the hotel’s diverse dining establishments, from exquisite international cuisine to authentic Indonesian flavors. The lush tropical gardens, sparkling pools, and a serene spa further enhance the overall sense of relaxation. Whether you seek adventure in the nearby cultural attractions or prefer to unwind on the pristine beach, Hyatt Regency Bali caters to every desire. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Bali while enjoying unparalleled hospitality at the Hyatt Hotel Sanur Beach – a destination where luxury meets paradise. 


Hyatt Regency Bali is situated on the beachfront, so take advantage of the beautiful Sanur Beach. Enjoy sunrise walks, relax in the sun, or engage in water sports.

8. Hotel Akana Sanur

Hotel Akana Sanur - Sanur accommodation Bali

Indulge in the epitome of tropical luxury at Hotel Akana Sanur, where tranquility meets sophistication. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Sanur Beach in Bali, this boutique gem offers an exquisite retreat for discerning travelers. Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of modern elegance and traditional Balinese charm that defines the Hotel Akana experience. Each thoughtfully designed room is a sanctuary of comfort, providing a haven for relaxation after a day of exploring the enchanting surroundings. From the lush tropical gardens to the azure poolside oasis, every corner of Hotel Akana Sanur exudes a sense of serenity. With personalized service and attention to detail, your stay becomes an unforgettable journey. Conveniently located and within walking distance to the beach, shops, and restaurants, Hotel Akana Sanur beckons you to discover the allure of Bali in style. 


Explore the local warungs (small eateries) in Sanur to savor authentic Balinese cuisine.

9. Prama Sanur Hotel Bali

Prama Sanur Hotel Bali - Sanur accommodation Bali

Discover the epitome of tropical luxury at Prama Sanur Beach Bali, a haven of tranquility nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Bali’s renowned Sanur Beach. Boasting an idyllic blend of contemporary elegance and Balinese charm, this exquisite hotel invites you to indulge in a seamless fusion of comfort and culture. Immerse yourself in the lush tropical gardens, savor breathtaking ocean views, and unwind in stylishly appointed accommodations that effortlessly marry modern design with authentic island aesthetics. Prama Sanur Beach Bali offers a myriad of world-class amenities, including a shimmering pool, spa services, and a variety of culinary delights that showcase the vibrant flavors of Indonesia. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a rejuvenating escape, Prama Sanur Beach Bali promises an unforgettable experience, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Book your stay now and let the enchantment of Bali unfold at Prama Sanur Beach. 


Hotel is suitable for children, several slides available.

10. Bumi Ayu Bungalow Sanur

Bumi Ayu Bungalow Sanur - Sanur accommodation Bali

Experience the epitome of tranquility at Bumi Ayu Bungalow in Sanur, Bali. Nestled in the heart of the island’s cultural hub, this enchanting retreat beckons with its lush tropical gardens, traditional Balinese architecture, and warm hospitality. Indulge in the charm of spacious bungalows adorned with intricate wooden furnishings, creating an authentic and cozy ambiance. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the crystal-clear pool surrounded by vibrant foliage, offering a perfect oasis for relaxation. The attentive staff ensures your every need is met, making your stay a seamless blend of comfort and cultural immersion. Conveniently located near Sanur’s pristine beaches and vibrant markets, Bumi Ayu Bungalow provides an ideal base for exploring Bali’s rich heritage. Book your stay now through the provided link to unlock an unforgettable getaway filled with moments of bliss and cultural discovery. 

Bumi Ayu Bungalows offers many great modern hotel features as affordable sanur accommodation.

11. Linda Villa 2

Linda Villa 2 - Sanur accommodation Bali

Linda Villa 2 is your perfect retreat in the heart of Indonesia, offering a blissful escape surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility. Nestled in an idyllic location, this exquisite villa provides a harmonious blend of modern luxury and traditional charm. With spacious and elegantly designed accommodations, Linda Villa 2 is a haven for those seeking a peaceful getaway. Immerse yourself in the lush tropical surroundings, unwind by the sparkling pool, and indulge in the personalized hospitality that sets this villa apart. 

Location is perfect, restaurants and cafes are within walking distance.

12. Duyung Homestay

Duyung Homestay - Sanur accommodation Bali

Duyung Homestay Sanur beckons travelers to indulge in an enchanting retreat on the tropical shores of Bali. Nestled in the heart of Sanur, this homestay is a haven of tranquility that seamlessly blends traditional Balinese charm with modern comfort. Guests are treated to an authentic local experience, surrounded by lush gardens and the soothing melody of the nearby ocean. The rooms, adorned with Balinese artistry, offer a cozy sanctuary, while the outdoor pool invites relaxation under the warm sun. With a prime location, Duyung Homestay is a gateway to Bali’s cultural treasures, vibrant markets, and pristine beaches. The attentive staff ensures a warm welcome, and the homestay’s commitment to sustainability adds a touch of eco-conscious luxury. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Duyung Homestay Sanur, where each moment is an invitation to savor the beauty and hospitality of Bali. 

Well worth staying overnight if you have to go to the airport the next day.

13. Puri Tempo Doeloe Boutique Hotel

Puri Tempo Doeloe Boutique Hotel - Sanur accommodation Bali

Experience the charm of Indonesia at Puri Tempo Doeloe Boutique Hotel in Sanur, where tradition meets luxury in perfect harmony. Nestled in the heart of the cultural hub, this boutique gem offers a unique blend of contemporary comfort and timeless elegance. Each intricately designed room reflects the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, providing a cozy haven for relaxation. Indulge in the lush tropical surroundings of the hotel’s serene garden or take a refreshing dip in the inviting pool. The warm and attentive staff ensure a personalized experience, making every guest feel truly welcomed. With its prime location, Puri Tempo Doeloe Boutique Hotel offers easy access to Sanur’s pristine beaches, vibrant markets, and cultural attractions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali while enjoying the modern amenities and personalized service that make Puri Tempo Doeloe a standout choice for an unforgettable stay. 

14. Kembali Lagi Guest House

Kembali Lagi Guest House - Sanur accommodation Bali

Experience the perfect blend of tranquility and modern comfort at Kembali Lagi Guest House in Sanur. Nestled in the heart of Bali, this charming guest house offers a haven of serenity just moments away from the vibrant life of Sanur Beach. Immerse yourself in the lush tropical gardens surrounding the property, creating a peaceful oasis for relaxation. The well-appointed rooms are thoughtfully designed, combining traditional Balinese elements with contemporary amenities. The friendly and attentive staff ensure a warm welcome, providing personalized service to make your stay truly memorable. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat, Kembali Lagi Guest House is the ideal choice for an authentic Bali experience.

Upon arrival, the staff will also help you with tips and nice locations for Sanur.

A stay in Sanur promises fun, relaxation and activities all in one. Start planning your next vacation to Sanur today and experience the best of both worlds: magnificent beaches, stunning sunrises, lush landscapes, and luxury accommodations complete with top-notch service at great prices. Don’t forget to explore the local culture and cuisine as well! Invite your friends and family along — it won’t be a trip you’ll soon forget! So what are you waiting for? With a wealth of accommodations suitable for any budget, there’s no reason not to visit Sanur this summer; book now to make sure you get the perfect spot! 

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