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Sanora Villa: Your Exquisite Escape in the Heart of Sanur

Nestled in the picturesque seaside town of Sanur, Bali, Sanora Villa offers an enchanting escape, blending luxurious comfort with tranquil ambiance. Ideal for both families and honeymooners, the villa features lavish Two Bedroom Villas with Private Pools and Bathtubs, easily convertible to cozy One Bedroom Villas. Moments away from the serene Sindhu Beach, Sanora Villa is a sanctuary where elegance meets peace.

Sanora Villa

Intimate Villas: A Blend of Comfort and Romance

The villa features different villas with private pools and bathtubs, each completed with five-star standard facilities. The distinctive feature of a romantic bathtub in the villas ensures a stay that is both different and memorable. Guests can choose from the luxurious One-or-Two bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub and a Grand bedroom Villa with Private Pool, each designed to provide a private and romantic experience.

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Tip: Try the floating breakfast, super romantic.

Villa Facilities

Luxury Meets Functionality

Sanora Villa is not just about lavish living; it’s a hub of functionality. The villa’s well-equipped Living Room is an excellent choice for all gatherings, providing a functional yet peaceful setting. Culinary delights await at Paed Thai Cuisine, offering authentic Thai flavors that tantalize the taste buds. For more relaxed moments, the Lobby Lounge is a haven of comfort, perfect for savoring afternoon delights and exquisite cocktails.

Special Surprises

Celebrate Love with Exclusive Packages

To enhance the romantic and loving atmosphere, Sanora Villa offers specially designed surprises such as the Floating Candle in the Pool and the Flower Decoration Package. These packages are perfect for commemorating special occasions, adding a touch of luxury and personalization to your stay.

Sanora Villa
Sanora Villa

Book Sanora Villa

Indulge in the Tranquility of Sanora Villa

Sanora Villa in Sanur is more than a stay; it’s an experience of tranquility and luxury. With its harmonious blend of opulent facilities and serene surroundings, every moment here promises to be unforgettable. Book your ultimate stay today!

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