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Paris restaurant: Best restaurants in Paris!

Looking for a restaurant in Paris? Then you’ve come to the right page. The capital of Paris has more than 44,000 restaurants! From the restaurant Eiffel Tower to a bistro in Paris. What is the best restaurant a Paris? We have listed the nicest, the tastiest, the most unique and the best places for you when it comes to restaurants in Paris.

Restaurants Paris

1. Girafe - Restaurants Eiffel tower

In the heart of central Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, is the beautiful restaurant Girafe. The chic seafood restaurant has and breathtaking terrace with luxurious chairs and beautifully set tables. Highly recommended when it comes to restaurants in Paris.

Lunch & dinner

The côte de boeuf angus for 2 pers there is fantastic!

2. Frenchie Pigalle - Hip and delicious

Frenchie Pigalle is an incredibly hip and popular restaurant in Paris. You will enjoy beautiful dishes with special taste sensations. The friendly staff will gladly explain to you which wines go best with these dishes for a complete experience.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Order several small dishes instead of a main course – Very nice to share!

3. L'Ecailler du Bistrot - Excellent seafood restaurant

The main unique selling point of this restaurant is its super fresh seafood and oysters. You’ll find an authentic feel, daily seafood specialties on a blackboard, a year-round lobster menu and an excellent wine list.

4. L'Entrepôt - A cozy brasserie

L’Entrepôt is a cozy brasserie in Paris. Besides the convivial restaurant, a concert hall and cinema are located in the same gebout. A perfect restaurant for a complete night out.

Lunch & dinner

In addition to the restaurant, visit the concert hall or cinema in the same building.

5. Gros Bao - Traditional Chinese

Gros Boa is a hip eatery serving traditional Chinese cuisine. You will enjoy delicious soup dumplings and stir-fry dishes from Shanghai here. It also serves beer from Hong Kong and Chinese tea.

Lunch, dinner

Be surprised by traditional Chinese cuisine.

6. Dersou – Hip & trendy

Dersou is Paris is an incredibly hip and trendy restaurant in the city center. You can eat delicious food there and the service is incredibly friendly. Everything is just right!


€85 (6-courses)

Don’t forget to order a cocktail here, they are delicious.

7. Bistrotters – Bistro Paris

A contemporary bistro in the heart of the city. Take a seat for a delicious dinner prepared from a Michelin worthy perspective. This concerns both the taste of the dishes and their presentation.

Lunch & dinner

€39.- (3-courses)

As a starter, the Beef tataki with bearnaise sauce.

8. Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles

Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles is a super hip and cozy restaurant in Paris. It has a lovely terrace with big benches, a nice decoration and good atmosphere. You can enjoy good food and nicely served drinks here.

Lunch & dinner

A cocktail at the rooftop bar is a must!

9. La Coupole – Brasserie Paris

Brasserie La Coupole in Paris is a very famous brasserie in Montparnasse. You can enjoy delicious bistro dishes served in the 1927 restaurant. You can taste the character and history of the restaurant here.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Fruits de mer should definitely be tried here!

10. Lolo cave à mange - Fun to share

At Lolo cave à mange is a perfect restaurant in Paris for sharing dishes. The dishes are served in a beautiful way while you enjoy in the cozy ambiance of the restaurant.


Brochettes de prince de paris, delicious.

11. Bistro l’Oulette – Bistro Paris

Looking for an authentic bistro in Paris? Then you’ve come to the right place at Bistro l’Oulette. The bright red colored facade and small tables give you the real French bistro feeling. Enjoy the delicious food and, above all, be advised by the friendly staff.

Lunch & dinner

Fried snails with celery and almonds and foamy parsley sauce.

12. Chez Janou - Cozy bistro

The tables there are close together, the buzz in the restaurant is nice and the staff is friendly. This cozy bistro in Paris is incredibly popular, which is why reserving a table is necessary.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

The Bistro Rib steak is outstanding!

13. Buvette - Gastronomic

Buvette is part bar, part restaurant and part café. This restaurant concept is so popular that it has locations in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, among others. Highly recommended for a fun night out.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

The croissants were absolutely outstanding.

14. Chez Chartier - Classic Brasserie

In the center of Paris, you will find a number of classic brasseries along the boulevard, including Chez Chartier. You can eat delicious food here for a friendly price. The quality of the restaurant is definitely not inferior to the other eateries in Paris.

Lunch & dinner

Here you can eat cheaply and deliciously. We shared the escargots as an appetizer and they were good compared to the more expensive restaurants.

15. Hanoï Cà Phê Opéra – Vietnam in Paris

Best lunch restaurant in Rotterdam? Guliano, without a doubt. These delicious sandwiches have the best from Italian cuisine, combined with the culinary concept from New York.

Lunch & dinner

Order one of the fusion buns, it looks as delicious in the photos as it does in real life.

Have you been able to choose between the different restaurants in Paris? It a dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant? Do you go for a small bistro in Paris? Or do you choose one of the other best restaurant a Paris? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to restaurants in Paris.

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