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Things to do in France Paris

Things to do in France Paris? Are you looking for an activity to do in Paris? Then you have come to the right page. In the metropolis you can do many things, such as climb the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, admire the Catacomb of Paris or spend a day at Disneyland Paris. We have listed the most fun, cool and special activities of Paris for you.

Things to do in France Paris:

1. Climbing the Eiffel Tower - What to do in Paris!

Looking for what to do in Paris? Visit the Eiffel Tower and climb to the top. You can choose to go up by stairs or elevator. Only the highest point can be reached by elevator, after walking 1060 steps to the second floor. The view is absolutely worth it.


In addition to climbing the Eiffel Tower, we also recommend taking the elevator to the top for stunning views of Paris.

2. Catacomb Paris - Creepy activity

The catacomb in Paris is the famous collection of underground cemeteries under the French capital. You will visit different chambers and parts of the city where a total of 6 million Parisians are buried.


Advance reservations are required, avoid disappointment.

3. Bateaux Parisiens Dinercruise – Romantic

Looking for something romantic to do in Paris? Then book a dinner on the Bateaux Parisiens Dinner Cruise. You get on the boat and then dine while seeing the entire city from the water. Especially at dusk and in the dark, the lights sparkle beautifully on the water.

From €89

Book the 8:30 PM cruise so you can enjoy live music (included in the price).

4. Louvre – Mona Lisa

The Louvre in Paris is one of the largest museums in the world. It is known, among other things, for the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Liberty Leading the People. The beautifully pyramid-shaped building is an absolute must-see when it comes to activities in Paris.


Visit the world-famous park in front of the Louvre, it’s beautiful!

5. Palace of Versailles - Impressive

The Palace of Versailles, also known as the Palace of Versailles, is one of the most impressive buildings and activities to visit. After all, it is one of the largest castles in the entire world!


Buy a ticket for the fountain show, it’s absolutely worth it!

6. Disneyland Paris - Most fun activity Paris!

Disneyland Paris is one of the most fun and magical actives in Paris. You will be taken through all the famous Disney stories while enjoying the coolest attractions the park has to offer.

From €62.

Set aside a weekend for Disney Land and stay at the Disney hotel.

7. Moulin Rouge - What to do in Paris!

Visiting the world-famous Moulin Rouge, is the absulte answer to the question: what to do in Paris? You will be taken into a wonderful show with music, costumes and impressive performances. An absolute must if you are staying in Paris.


You are not allowed to visit Moulin Rouge wearing sports or summer clothes.

8. Sainte-Chapelle - Beautiful glassware

Visiting the Sainte-Chapelle is definitely advised as an activity in Paris. The gigantic chapel with high ceilings and large windows are stunning. Especially the light from all the thousands of windows make a great impression.


Buy your tickets online and avoid the queue.

9. Arc de Triomphe - Not to be missed

Besides visiting the Eiffel Tower, a visit to the Arc de Triomphe is essential to your visit to Paris. From the highest part of the building you have the magnificent view of the entire city including the most beautiful sights of Paris.


Buy your tickets online and avoid the queue.

10. Wine tasting - Oui Oui!

The French are known for their great taste in wine. So how much fun is it to do a wine tasting in the French capital? You will be introduced to the beautiful grapes that are transformed into France’s most beloved drink. Santé!


There are many different wine tastings in Paris, find the right one that suits you.

11. Dinner at the Eiffel Tower - A Night in Paris

If you really want to splurge on your activity in Paris, you should dine at the Eiffel Tower. There are two upscale restaurants available with stunning views of the entire city. In addition, the food is of a culinary level.


Book a table at dusk so you can enjoy the sunset.

12. Macron cooking course - Typically French

A Macron is a typical French cookie that is indispensable in French cuisine. With a Macron cooking class, you will learn all about the sweet cookie and how best to prepare it. Highly recommended when it comes to what to do in Paris.


In private group minimum of 4 people.

13. Segway tour - Tour de Paris

With a Paris Seyway tour you visit all the sights during an adventurous activity in the city. You get on your own segway while exploring the entire city with a group (including a guide).

From €29

Book the sunrise in Paris tour.

14. Tourbus – Hop on, hop off

The hop on hop off bus is the perfect way to discover the sight seeing of Paris. You decide where to get on and off and how long you want to stay at the same destination. Ideal way to discover the city.


Book a tour bus by night and explore Paris in the evening hours.

15. Pub crawl - What to do in Paris!

Dive into Paris nightlife on a pub crawl through the bustling center of Paris. It’s a great way to connect with other travelers and meet locals.


Buy your ticket online for €5 off.

Have you been able to choose between the various activities of Paris? Will it be climbing the Eiffel Tower? Admire the Catacomb of Paris? Check out the Louvre? Or will it be a day at Disneyland Paris? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to what to do in Paris.

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