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Marbella museum

Marbella museum? Marbella, Spain is a paradise for those who are looking to explore the rich culture of this sprawling Europen city. Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in discovering new cultures and treasures, Marbella has something for everyone. With its vast selection of museums ranging from archaeological sites to local art collections and more, there’s plenty to keep visitors busy during their stay in this large seaside town. Join us as we explore some of Marbella’s must-see museum attractions, from ancient ruins to modern masterpieces!

Museum Marbella

1. Museo Ralli

Museo Ralli - marbella museum

If you’re looking for a unique adventure to enjoy, consider a visit to the Museo Ralli in Marbella, Spain. Nestled within the old town and housed inside an interesting building from the 1930s, this must-see museum offers something for everyone. From contemporary art and modern technology, to archeological artifacts and historic works of art, the diversity of galleries throughout the facility means it is sure to engage and excite visitors whatever their interests may be. With so much to explore and experience at Museo Ralli in Marbella, a trip there promises not only an eye-opening educational opportunity but also a shared appreciation of culture that celebrates both exploration and respect.


Easy to reach by bus from the center of Marbella. (Bus L79 stops at Tony Roma’s Restaurant, cross the street)


2. Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo

Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo - marbella museum

The Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo in Marbella, Spain is the perfect destination for anyone interested in Spanish engraving and contemporary art. Featuring a range of modern and traditional works, this museum offers something for everyone, from classic oil paint illustrations to impressive sculptures and jewellery designs. Not only was the building itself architecturally distinctive, with its bold use of light and space creating an inviting atmosphere to explore, but it also housed fascinating exhibitions throughout the year. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a cultural activity to enjoy during your holiday in Spain, the Museo del Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo offers something special that you won’t want to miss.


Museo del Grabado is located in the old town, without directions it is difficult to find.

3. Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Centre

Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Centre - marbella museum

Situated in the beautiful marina of Marbella, Spain, Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Centre provides a great way for locals and tourists to engage with Spanish cultures and traditions. The centre’s mission is to combine traditional activities with modern creations in order to give visitors an experience that is both immersive and informative. From cultural courses such as painting and ceramics classes, to interactive exhibitions featuring local artwork, sculpture and music, Cortijo Miraflores has something for everyone. For those who want to explore historical elements of Marbella and its people, the centre also offers guided tours and events which provide insight into this dynamic location. So if you’re looking for a unique way to discover the culture of the area while engaging in meaningful activities – Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Centre has something for you!


You can still see the old mill machinery and there’s also some Roman items, found in Marbella area.


Marbella is a Spanish hotspot for beachgoers, partygoers, and museum enthusiasts. From the Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia’s Museo de Bellas Artes de Málaga, there is something for everyone to explore and appreciate. Spend an entire day getting lost in the art, culture and history with friends or family alike while strolling along its streets and experiencing something new each step of the way. Whether it’s a day trip or weekend spent in Marbella, make sure you take some time to visit one of these incredible Franco Spanish showcases – you won’t be disappointed. If it’s been your dream to explore the great works of Spanish painters and sculptors, Marbella is exactly where your dreams can become reality. Come experience all that this part of holiday-soaked Southern Spain has to offer among its fantastic museums!

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