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Restaurants in Utrecht

Looking for restaurants in Utrecht? Then you have come to the perfect place! The big city has a lot of restaurants. So are you looking for a restaurant on the Utrecht canal, the best restaurant in the center, a fish restaurant or a Greek restaurant in Utrecht. We will help you! We have listed the best, nicest and tastiest restaurants of Utrecht for you.

Restaurants in Utrecht:

1. Ruby Rose - Restaurants Utrecht center

Ruby Rose Restaurants Utrecht is a unique restaurant in the center of the Utrecht. The restaurant is divided into two floors and features a large terrace. The menu consists of dishes prepared with fresh, local products. In addition, the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan dishes. Ruby Rose is a trendy place to have lunch or dinner with friends or family. The interior is modern and stylish and the service is young and friendly. Looking for a cozy restaurants in Utrecht center? Then visit Ruby Rose!

Lunch & Dinner

The green asparagus is delicious!

2. Restaurant Vis & Meer - Fish restaurant Utrecht center

Restaurant Vis & Meer is an attractive seafood restaurant in the center of Utrecht. The restaurant was opened in 2010 by chef Richard de Jonge and since then they have been able to spoil many guests with their delicious dishes. The menu consists of fresh, high-quality ingredients that are carefully prepared into a true meal art. The service is also friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes, making you feel at ease quickly. In short, if you are looking for a fine place to eat in the center of Utrecht, then Restaurant Vis & Meer comes highly recommended!

Lunch & Dinner

Half lobster with hollandaise sauce is a hit.

3. Broadway American Steakhouse - On the canal

Broadway American Steakhouse in Utrecht is the perfect place for a tasty steak. They have the best steaks in Utrecht, and the chefs prepare them the traditional way. Broadway American Steakhouse is also the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. The atmospheric location on the canal will surely please you! Broadway American Steakhouse is simply the best steakhouse in Utrecht!


The Rib Roast 900 gr. Is phenomenal, a cheaper option are the Spareribs.

4. Vegitalian – Vegan restaurant Utrecht

Utrecht is a city with a lot of vegan restaurants, but one restaurant stands out: Vegitalian. Here you not only eat delicious vegan food, but also 100% plant-based. Whether you are vegan or not, Vegitalian is the place to be. The menu includes fresh pastas, pizzas, salads and desserts. And all for a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Visit Vegitalian soon!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The vegan pepperoni was very tasty and tasted almost the same as pepperoni.

5. The Seafood Bar - Utrecht seafood restaurant

Seafood lovers beware! The Seafood Bar Utrecht is a restaurant specializing in all things seafood. From fresh oysters and shrimp to lobster and crab, they have it all. The menu changes daily, depending on what is freshest, but you can always expect a wide variety of seafood. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner, seafood restaurant Seafood Bar Utrecht is the perfect place to satisfy your seafood cravings.

Lunch & dinner

The mixed grill is very tasty and nicely prepared.

6. WT Urban Kitchen - Best restaurant

WT Urban Kitchen is a small, cozy and hip restaurant in the heart of Utrecht. The restaurant is fully equipped and has an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work. The dishes on the menu are simple but refined and fresh, local ingredients are used. WT Urban Kitchen is a perfect place for a casual lunch or dinner with friends. Young and old feel at home here!

Lunch & Dinner

€47.- (4-course menu)

Beautiful terrace on the 10th floor, weather permitting.

7. Kantien – Restaurant Utrecht

Kantien is an attractive and cozy brasserie in the heart of Utrecht city center. The restaurant is divided into several tastefully decorated rooms, where you can enjoy a nice meal or a good glass of wine undisturbed. Kantien offers an extensive menu with seasonal dishes, each prepared with care and attention. Whether you choose a delicious piece of meat, fish or vegetarian, Kantien guarantees you will enjoy. The friendly service is ready to help you make your choice and also ensures that you will not lack anything during your meal. Kantien; the place to dine with friends, family or loved ones in Utrecht!

Lunch & Dinner

€36.- (4-course menu)

In addition to lunch and dinner, a variety of tastings are available at Kantien.

8. De Pizzabakkers

De Pizzabakkers is a popular pizza restaurant in Utrecht. The restaurant is known for its homemade pizzas and has a young, friendly atmosphere. The menu offers different types of pizzas, vegetable soups, salads and desserts. De Pizzabakkers is a good place for a fun night out or for a casual lunch. The prices are reasonable and the food is very tasty. The restaurant is definitely worth a visit!


You can find the pizza bakers at 3 locations in Utrecht.

9. Taj Mahal – Indian restaurant Utrecht

The Taj Mahal restaurant in Utrecht is a popular place for Indian food. The restaurant is decorated with traditional Indian art and has a cozy and peaceful ambiance. The menu offers many different dishes, from vegetarian curries to tandoori dishes. There is always something for everyone to choose from. Service is friendly and prompt, and dishes are served quickly. The Taj Mahal is definitely recommended for anyone who loves Indian food!


A predetermined menu contains different dishes that allow you to taste a little bit of everything.

10. GYS

Restaurant GYS in Utrecht is known for its fresh, seasonal ingredients and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, and the menu features both Dutch and international dishes. The chef often changes the menu to use the freshest ingredients available, so there is always something new to try. GYS is also a great place to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with friends. The staff is always willing to recommend a good glass of wine or beer to go with your meal. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a relaxing meal, GYS is the perfect place.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

There are two locations of GYS, so pay close attention.

11. Jasmijn & Ik – Asian

Jasmijn & I is a restaurant in Utrecht that specializes in Asian dishes. As the name suggests, Jasmijn is not alone in the restaurant. She gets daily help from friends and family to keep everything running. This makes Jasmijn & Me a unique restaurant where conviviality and good taste are key.


Quick bite to eat? Takeout is also available here.

12. Lombok

Lombok restaurant Utrecht is an eatery specializing in the tastiest Lombok dishes. The restaurant is located on the Lombokplein in Utrecht and is very popular among young people. The café has a unique atmosphere and offers an extensive menu with many fresh and tasty dishes. Lombok restaurant Utrecht is known for its delicious rice tables that are perfect for all diners. Whether you go to the restaurant for lunch, dinner or drinks, Lombok restaurant Utrecht is always a good choice!

Lunch & Dinner

Get surprised and choose chef’s special.

13. De Goedheyd

Restaurant De Goedheyd Utrecht is the perfect place for a nice meal. The restaurant has a unique atmosphere and the food is always fresh and flavorful. The service is friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always willing to help you choose the perfect meal. Whether you are hungry for a light lunch or an elaborate dinner, you can find it all at Restaurant De Goedheyd Utrecht. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit!


€48.- (3-course menu)

Always wanted to try wagyu? At the Goedheyd, they have Wagyu A5+.

14. Pastabar Spaghetteria

Pastabar Spaghetteria Utrecht is a small, cozy Italian restaurant in the heart of the city. The menu is simple but sophisticated, and the pasta is freshly prepared every day. The service is young and friendly, and there is always a warm welcome. Prices are reasonable, and you always get value for money. Pastabar Spaghetteria Utrecht is a place where you can eat well, relax and enjoy the company of friends or family. In short: highly recommended!

15. Fico - Restaurants Utrecht

A beautiful restaurant just outside the city on the waterfront. The building, location and beautiful terrace are a great start to a delicious dinner or lunch. You’ll enjoy an exquisite meal when you visit Fico, served by friendly and helpful staff.


€47.- (3-course)

Beautiful terrace and easily accessible by boat.

Have you been able to choose between the various restaurants in Utrecht? Will it be a table by the canal? The best restaurant in the city center? A seafood restaurant? Or a Greek restaurant in Utrecht? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to restaurants in Utrecht.

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