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Things to see and do in Maastricht

Things to see and do in Maastricht? Looking for a place of interest in Maastricht? Then you’ve come to the right page! The authentic city in the south of the Netherlands is known for its beautiful sights. You will find the Vrijthof square, the Maastricht caves and the Fort Sint Pieter. We have listed the most special sights of Maastricht for you.

Maastricht sightseeing

1. Vrijthof Maastricht

The Vrijthof Maastricht is a beautiful, historic square in the heart of the city. It is surrounded by beautiful architecture and is home to many restaurants and cafes. The square also hosts events such as the Maastricht Christmas Market and the Maastricht New Year celebration. Every year, thousands of people flock to the Vrijthof Maastricht to enjoy the festive atmosphere and take in the spectacular views. If you’re ever in Maastricht, be sure to check out the Vrijthof – you won’t be disappointed!

During the month of December, the square is transformed into a winter wonderland including a Christmas market.

Always open

2. Maastricht Caves

Grotten Maastricht is an exciting place full of adventure and discovery. Join a tour of the caves and learn all about their history, geology and biodiversity. There is also an interactive exhibition, where you can learn all about the different types of caves in the Netherlands. Moreover, at Grotten Maastricht you can enjoy some unique activities, such as abseiling, climbing and walking through the dark. There is even a nightclub, so you can relax with friends or family after an exciting day. Discover all the wonderful things the caves have to offer!


Multiple tours available, something for everyone.

Monday – 10:00 tot 20:00

Tuesday – 10:00 tot 20:00

Wednesday – 10:00 tot 20:00

Thursday – 10:00 tot 20:00

Friday – 10:00 tot 21:00

Saturday – 10:00 tot 20:00

Sunday – 12:00 tot 18:00

3. Fort Sint Pieter

Fort Sint Pieter Maastricht is a fort in Maastricht. It was built in 1624 to defend the city against attacks from Spain. The fort is named after St. Peter, the patron saint of Maastricht. The fort is open to visitors and offers great views of the city. There is also a small museum about the fort’s history. Fort Sint Pieter Maastricht is a fun outing for the whole family.


Book a tour together with adjacent Caves North and receive a 20% discount.

Monday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Tuesday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Wednesday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Thursday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Friday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Saturday – 10:30 tot 16:00

Sunday – 12:30 tot 16:00

4. Dominican Bookstore

Bookstore Dominicanen is a unique bookstore in the heart of Maastricht. Located in an old monastery from the 13th century, this bookstore has a beautiful, atmospheric setting. You will find a wide range of (religious) books, as well as cards, gift items and greeting cards. The staff is very friendly and you always get good service. Bookstore Dominicanen is the place for a cozy bookstore experience!

Buy a book right away while you’re there!

Monday – 10:00 tot 18:00

Tuesday – 09:00 tot 18:00

Wednesday – 09:00 tot 18:00

Thursday – 09:00 tot 21:00

Friday – 09:00 tot 18:00

Saturday – 09:00 tot 18:00

Sunday – 12:00 tot 18:00

5. Onze Lieve Vrouw Sterre der Zee Basiliek

Our Lady Star of the Sea Basilica in Maastricht is an imposing church with a rich history. The church dates from the 12th century and was built in Romanesque style. Over the centuries, the church has been rebuilt and expanded several times. Today it is a beautiful place to visit, with beautiful statues and decorations. The acoustics in the church are also very good, so it is definitely worth attending a concert!

Visit the basilica during a concert.

Monday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Tuesday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Wednesday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Thursday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Friday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Saturday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Sunday – 08:30 tot 17:00

Have you been able to choose between the various sights of Maastricht? Will it be the Vrijthof? The caves of Maastricht? Or the Fort Sint Pieter? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to sightseeing in Maastricht!

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