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Fun things do to in Groningen

Fun things do to in Groningen: Are you looking for an activity in Groningen? Then you’ve come to the right place. The North Holland city has an awful lot of fun things to do, for young and old alike. We have listed the best, most popular and most unique activities in Groningen for you.

Fun things do to in Groningen:

1. Private tour of Groningen

Dutch history is full of interesting stories and Groningen is no different. This city has a long and rich history waiting to be discovered. A private tour of Groningen is the perfect way to learn more about the city’s past while getting up close and personal with some of its most famous monuments. From the Groninger Museum to the Hoge der Aa, there is much to see and do in this vibrant city. With a knowledgeable guide by your side, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. So, whether you are a history buff or just looking for what to do in Groningen, be sure to book a private tour of Groningen.


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2. Pub Quiz Groningen

Looking for a fun night out in Groningen? Then head to Pub Quiz Groningen! This popular event takes place every Tuesday night at De Koffer, and it’s a great way to test your knowledge while enjoying a nice drink. The quiz covers a range of topics, so there’s something for everyone. And if you’re at a loss for words, you can always pool your brain power with a few friends.


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3. Jump XL Groningen - Indoor activity Groningen

Looking for a fun place to jump and have a good time? Then look no further than Jump XL Groningen! This trampoline park is perfect for anyone looking to blow off some steam and have a good time. With a variety of different attractions, there is something for everyone at Jump XL Groningen. And don’t worry if you’ve never been to a trampoline park before – the staff is happy to help you get started and make sure you have a great time. So come to Jump XL Groningen and have a blast!


Especially fun with children!

4. Pub Crawl Groningen

What to do in Groningen. A pub crawl through the city is the perfect way to meet new people and explore the city. Groningen is a wonderful city to wander through. There is always something to do and plenty of pubs and cafes to choose from. On a summer day, it is great to stroll through the city and occasionally have a drink in one of the cozy pubs. A pub crawl through Groningen is a fun way to explore the city and discover new places. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to have some beer or other drinks! If you are looking for an activity, then a pub crawl through Groningen is definitely for you!


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5. Boating - What to do in Groningen?

Boating in Groningen is a unique activity. It is a peaceful place to relax and take in nature. You can sail here in different types of boats, from small sloops to large ships. There is also a number of beautiful marinas where you can moor and enjoy the view. Groningen is a beautiful city to sail in and there is plenty to see and do. So be sure to take a look if you’re around here!

€95.- (2 hours)

Also possibility of bbq on the boat incl. skipper.

Do you have the answer to the question: what to do in Groningen? An activity in Groningen? The city has an awful lot of fun activities. Let us know what you chose so we can inspire even more people when it comes to activities in Groningen.

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