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Tulum restaurant - 15x best restaurants in Tulum

Are you looking for a restaurant in Tulum? You’ve come to the right page to indulge your taste buds. The culinary Mexican city has an awful lot of different restaurants. For instance, you can eat the best tacos and ceviche locally, or enjoy at one of the super hip restaurants in the middle of the jungle. We have listed the 15 best restaurants in Tulum Beach and Tulum Pueblo for you.

Tulum restaurants

1. Arca

The Motto by Hilton rooftop restaurant in Tulum is a dining experience like no other. Atop the Motto Hotel, overlooking Tulum’s city and nature, this restaurant offers delectable dishes for all tastes, plus wonderful outdoor vibes – think cozy loungers, friendly waiters and Instagrammable decor! Enjoy an array of dishes from fusion Mexican to international cuisine in an atmosphere that is sure to be soothing yet exciting. Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or just a bite to eat with your cocktail at sunset, Motto is perfect for any occasion. Come see for yourself why this rooftop gem has become one of Tulum’s hot spots!

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Cocktails

€12,50 ($250)

Ask for advice from one of the friendly staff members, they will be happy to advise you!

2. El Asadero

El Asadero Tulum restaurant

El Asadero in Tulum stands out from other restaurants with its delicious, freshly prepared meals and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant captures the essence of the area by using locally sourced ingredients, reinforcing Tulum’s sustainable vibe. Trust us – you don’t want to miss out on these smoky delights! Imagine biting into a juicy steak seared to perfection – you won’t find such great taste anywhere else! And if that’s not enough for you, El Asadero has an inviting ambience and prices that will also satisfy your wallet.

3. Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar Tulum restaurant

Looking for the ultimate dining experience in Tulum? Look no further than Casa Jaguar! This unique restaurant is sure to take your taste buds on a trip around the world, with a menu composed of dishes inspired by Peru, Cambodia, Mexico and beyond. Enjoy craft cocktails made with local ingredients while lounging in an open-air setting and surrounded by lush jungle greenery. Plus, they specialise in fresh seafood caught that day itself – guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening. Don’t miss out on this unique dining experience – head to Casa Jaguar now!


€22,50 ($450)

The grilled fish is a must, don’t forget to ask for the habarnero salsa!

4. Taqueria Don Beto

Taqueria Don Beto Tulum restaurant

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Mexican dining experience in Tulum, you can’t do better than Taqueria Don Beto. This amazing restaurant has been serving traditional dishes since it opened, and their flavour is unsurpassed. The menu offers a variety of options, including classic tacos, as well as unique dishes like fish ceviche, fried goat tacos, and creamy guacamole. Whether you are looking for something to share with friends or an unforgettable dining experience – Taqueria Don Beto will not disappoint!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

€10.- ($200)

Known for its tortillas.

5. Clan-Destino

Clan-Destino Tulum restaurant

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, look no further than restaurant Clan-Destino in Tulum. This hotspot is beautifully located near a cenote. It is a perfect blend of traditional Mexican cuisine and modern inspiration, resulting in an exciting array of flavours. Not only will you get the chance to taste the flavours of Mexico, but the atmosphere and décor are sure to please. So why not step away from the ordinary and head to unique trendy place today? Your taste buds will thank you!

Lunch & Dinner

Ga voor de recommendations by the chef.

6. Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama Tulum restaurant

If you are looking for a hip restaurant, you should definitely check out Matcha Mama in Tulum! This unique restaurant serves some of the best bowls made with locally sourced produce. The flavour combinations are an absolute delight, and their menu also offers vegan options so everyone can join in! And if you love discovering new places in town, head to Matcha Mama – it’s a lively spot in an eclectic neighbourhood that is sure to provide a unique experience.

Breakfast & Lunch

For a healthy breakfast/lunch, this is the place to be.

7. Cetli

Cetli Tulum restaurant

Restaurant Cetli in Tulum is the perfect place for adventurers and food lovers alike. The menu features modern Mexican dishes using local produce and ingredients, offering unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, the friendly staff always make you feel at home, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy each dish – from tacos to ceviche – as if it was made just for you. For an unforgettable experience in Tulum, Cetli is the place to be!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

€15.- ($300)

The lobster was delicious, though on the pricey side.

8. The Real Coconut at Sanará

The Real Coconut at Sanará Tulum restaurant

Restaurant Sanará on Tulum Beach is the place to be if you are looking for a unique dining experience. Their main attraction awaits inside The Real Coconut, the world’s only gourmet raw and vegan food counter that can offer a fully curated selection of flavours. Whether you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet craving or a delicious salad bowl with hearty vegetables and grains, everything at The Real Coconut is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Their made-to-order menu items are all pure, organic and freshly prepared to perfection with complex flavours that will leave you craving for more. Visit Sanará in Tulum Beach today for an unforgettable culinary experience!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

€15.- ($300)

Delicious breakfast with a beautiful view.

9. Posada Margherita

Posada Margherita Tulum restaurant

If you’re looking for an unforgettable beachfront dining experience, Posada Margherita restaurant in Tulum Beach is the place to be! This charming beach house brings the flavour of Italy to sunny Mexico with its pizzas and pastas prepared with fresh ingredients. With unobstructed ocean views through its wide-open windows and doors, Posada Margherita takes outdoor dining to a whole new level. Moreover, their delicious flavours go great with the friendly staff and lively atmosphere; you’ll find yourself wanting to keep eating AND drinking. Nothing beats a beautiful summer evening relaxing on the beach with good food, good friends and even better

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

€31.- ($620)

The homemade ice cream is a must try.

10. Raw Love

Raw Love Tulum restaurant

Raw Love Beach Restaurant in Tulum is the perfect destination for anyone looking to indulge in delicious food with fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea. Filled with vibrant colours and flavours, the menu specialises in fusion dishes made from fresh local ingredients. There is also something for everyone – whether you like raw, vegan, vegetarian or meat, there is something to tantalise your taste buds and make the experience unique. Whether you stop by for breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy a spectacular time at this beautiful beachfront spot immortalised in photos and memories. So come to Raw Love restaurant and get ready for a culinary adventure!

11. Safari Comedor Zama

Safari Comedor Zama Restaurant Tulum

Looking for something unique and delicious? Safari Comedor Zama Restaurant Tulum is the place! In the heart of downtown Tulum, this brightly decorated restaurant serves a spicy mix of Mexican and Caribbean flavours that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. Whether you like seafood, vegetables or traditional Mexican dishes, they have it all. Be sure to leave room for dessert – their churros are legendary! With its lively atmosphere and great cuisine, Safari Comedor Zama is the perfect destination for an unforgettable meal.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Of all the tacos, you have to order the Taco Pork Pastor.

12. La Gloria de Don Pepe

La Gloria de Don Pepe Tulum restaurant

Le petit Cafe Okrepčevalnica is a charming restaurant in the heart of Ljubljana. The intimate setting and attentive service make it the perfect place for a romantic night out, while the extensive menu means there is something for every taste. The starters are particularly delicious, and we can highly recommend the squid risotto. And of course, no meal at Le petit Cafe Okrepčevalnica is complete without one of their delicious desserts. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant for a special occasion or just a place to have a nice meal, Le petit Cafe Okrepčevalnica is well worth a visit.

13. Wild Tulum

Wild Tulum Tulum restaurant

Restaurant Wild Tulum is a unique place that will tantalise your taste buds and take you on a culinary adventure! Forget the mundane. Enjoy your meal in an oasis of tropical plants, wooden furniture and breathtaking views of the beach. Our lively menu features dishes with authentic Mayan ingredients, such as coconut rice and delicious plantains. Moreover, all our meals are prepared with healthy cooking techniques to make the most of each ingredient. If you are looking for something unique and unforgettable-Wild Tulum is the place for you!


€82,50 ($1650) (9-courses)

Choose the 9 course menu.

14. Hartwood

Hartwood Tulum restaurant

If you’re looking for an amazing experience in Tulum, look no further than Hartwood Tulum! This incredible tropical paradise is an absolute must if you want to try succulent wood-fired dishes and cocktails served with an unbeatable atmosphere. Served up by passionate chefs who believe the secret to good taste is local ingredients, everything at Hartwood Tulum will tantalise your taste buds. And the beachfront location is no slouch either! So why not grab a table and treat yourself to an unforgettable evening? You won’t regret it.

15. Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra Tulum restaurant

Eating out in Tulum has never been better than now with Rosa Negra, the city’s newest and trendiest hotspot right next to the beach! From Mexican-Latino fusion to vegan and gluten-free options, they have something for everyone. Whether you want something light or a full meal complete with engaging conversations, Rosa Negra is the place to be. The relaxed atmosphere and rustic furniture set the scene for what will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience as you indulge in tasty dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Stop by Rosa Negra after an evening at the beach and let your taste buds explore.


€37,50 ($750)

Besides the outstanding meat, they are known for their cocktails.

Have you been able to choose between the different restaurants in Tulum? Do you opt for a relaxing atmosphere among the locals? Or do you put on your best outfit and enjoy a sunset while a DJ plays music? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to restaurants in Tulum.

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