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Things to see on Isla Holbox

Things to see on Isla Holbox: Isla Holbox is a beautiful Mexican paradise that has something to offer every traveler. Whether you want to relax in the sun, visit incredible sights or try some fun activities, Isla Holbox has it all. From exploring the spectacular Yalahau lagoon and meeting the vibrant wildlife that lives there to an excursion on a colorful traditional fishing boat through the mangrove channels, there are so many unique experiences waiting to be discovered here. And don’t forget to relax on one of Isla Holbox’s incredible beaches and feast on delicious local cuisine! So don’t wait – plan your trip to Isla Holbox for an unforgettable adventure.

Things to see on Isla Holbox:

1. Bird watching during island tour

Vogels spotten tijdens eilandentour Isla Holbox

If you want to take your Isla Holbox sightseeing tour to the next level, birding is a must! With breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, this picturesque Mexican island is also home to some incredible birdlife, including pelicans and flamingos. You can easily spot many of these natural wonders aboard a private speedboat cruise. In addition, our boat cruise will take you close to colonies of sea ducks nesting in the fresh water of the yalahau lagoon, allowing you to see them in their natural habitat. It is truly a sight to behold! Bring your camera and don’t forget your binoculars – you won’t want to miss all that Isla Holbox has to offer.


The speedboat cruise below includes a visit to Punta Mosquito and the Cenote.

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2. Bioluminescence

Bioluminescentie Isla Holbox

Experience something magical on Isla Holbox when you take a private bioluminescence beach tour by golf cart. Not only will you be taken on a relaxing, romantic journey across miles of pristine beaches as the wind blows through your hair, but you’ll also witness that unforgettable moment when the water lights up in an array of colors and twinkles under the night sky. It’s like a fireworks show with no noise – just immense beauty to admire. Occasionally you can also see animals in their natural habitat as they undergo this nocturnal transformation with you!


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In the evening

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3. Punta Mosquito

Punta Mosquito Isla Holbox

Mexico is an incredible destination for eager tourists, with a dizzying mix of ancient ruins, pristine beaches and more. Isla Holbox is no exception! Punta Mosquito, in particular, is an amazing sight. With its wide variety of wildlife, such as flamingos and playful dolphins, the coastal area offers travelers wonderful sights and sounds to experience. And because Punta Mosquito is a rustic island, with no cars or other forms of motorized transportation, visitors can take in the beautiful views around them at their own pace! And on top of that, Isla Holbox’s unique culture gives the island extra allure. All of these factors combine to make Punta Mosquito the perfect stop for any visitor to Mexico who wants to take in the natural beauty and culture of Isla Holbox.


Bring plenty of food and drink, after the last hotel Las Nubes there is nothing.

4. Street Art

Street art Isla Holbox

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Mexico’s Isla Holbox is the place to be! Not only is it known for its amazing white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters – the tiny island has become a top destination for street art enthusiasts. From abstract murals covering entire buildings with bright colors and captivating designs to eye-catching graffiti art in the city, the streets of Holbox truly come alive with works of art. It’s a must-see if you want to see enchanting sights that can’t be found anywhere else. So pack your bags and explore this paradise of creative delights!


Hop on a bike or a rent a golf cart and see all the street art on Isla Holbox.

5. Watch the sunset at Punta Coco

Bekijk de zonsondergang op Punta Coco Isla Holbox

If you’re looking for that perfect photo opportunity, then visiting Isla Holbox in Mexico is definitely something to add to your bucket list. A must-see when touring the island is Punta Coco – located in the north of Holbox and, with its breathtaking views, the ideal spot to watch the sun set over the beautiful waters. It is a magical experience as the dark blue of dusk slowly turns to vibrant orange and pink under a hazy summer sky, and it is not surprising that locals gather here every evening to participate in this small but special tradition. So don’t miss this unique opportunity – get your camera ready and enjoy the view from Punta Coco!


Roads from downtown to Punta Coco are poorly lit.

Have you been able to choose between the various attractions on Isla Holbox? Do you visit the beaches? Check out the street art? Or will you spot urchins on an island tour? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to sightseeing on Isla Holbox.

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