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What to do in Vilnius?

Vilnius is an amazing city that offers travelers plenty of exciting activities and incredible sights to take in. This vibrant, culture-filled city has a wide variety of things to do, from relaxing walks through historic neighborhoods, taking in stunning landscapes, discovering the architectural beauty of Vilnius’ churches and other regional attractions. But what makes this destination truly extraordinary is its strong sense of community – people here are passionate about their home and excited to welcome visitors into it by sharing unique stories about the area’s interesting cultural heritage. Here are four fun ways you can explore Vilnius and experience all that it has to offer!

Activities Vilnius

1. Castle of Trakai

Castle of Trakai - what to do in Vilnius

Trakai Castle should be a top priority on your list of things to do in Vilnius. The picturesque castle will take you back in time as you stroll through its historic walls and towers surrounded by glistening lakes. Not only does it offer a great opportunity to learn about the rich history of Lithuania, but it also provides a perfect backdrop for photos and a chance to enjoy a relaxing day trip. With plenty of restaurants nearby offering traditional Lithuanian cuisine, Trakai Castle provides a perfect activity for couples, families, and friends alike. Make sure to carve out some time on your trip to explore this stunning piece of architecture and soak up the breathtaking surroundings. 


Consider taking a boat tour around Lake Galvė to enjoy the picturesque scenery and get a different perspective of Trakai. Boat tours are available during the warmer months and offer a relaxing way to experience the natural beauty of the area.

2. Kayaking Trip

Kayaking Trip - what to do in Vilnius

Kayaking in Vilnius is a unique experience that combines outdoor adventure, cultural discovery, and community engagement. The city’s rivers and lakes offer a picturesque backdrop to explore, while the paddling routes provide opportunities to learn about Vilnius’ history and architecture from a different perspective. With numerous rental companies and local guides available, kayaking is an accessible activity for both visitors and residents. Additionally, by choosing this eco-friendly mode of transportation, kayakers can contribute to the preservation of the city’s waterways and wildlife. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a beginner, a kayaking trip in Vilnius is an experience that can be enjoyed by all. 


Make your reservation on time, this activity is likely to sell out.

3. Hot Air Ballon Ride

Hot Air Ballon Ride - what to do in Vilnius

Have you ever wanted to soar above the stunning architecture and lush forests of Vilnius? A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to do just that! Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this activity will give you a unique perspective on the capital city of Lithuania and its stunning scenery. Glide through the morning skies and watch as the city awakens, or take in the golden hour views as the sun sets over the horizon. Not only is this experience incredibly picturesque, it also brings people together from all walks of life to appreciate the beauty of Vilnius. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure! 


Listen carefully to the pilot’s safety instructions before boarding the hot air balloon. Pay attention to the briefing on boarding, landing procedures, and emergency protocols.

Pickup at the hotel.

4. 1-Day Bike Rental

1-Day Bike Rental - what to do in Vilnius

If you’re looking to explore the charming streets of Vilnius in a unique and exciting way, renting a bike for a day could be the perfect activity for you. With the beautiful views of the city, stunning architecture, and traditional Lithuanian cuisine to experience, Vilnius has something for everyone. Renting a bike is an excellent way to take in the impressive sights of Vilnius with ease, while also getting some exercise. You can pedal through the picturesque Old Town, breathing in the fresh air as you explore the vibrant streets. With a strong and welcoming cycling community in Vilnius, you’ll undoubtedly feel a part of something special as you navigate the city on two wheels. So, grab your helmet, hop on your bike, and set out to create unforgettable memories in Vilnius! 


Plan your itinerary and decide on the places you want to visit in Vilnius. Consider popular attractions, parks, and scenic routes that are easily accessible by bike. Pick up a city map or use a navigation app to help you navigate through the city.

5. Rooftop Walk on TV Tower

Rooftop Walk on TV Tower - what to do in Vilnius

Looking for a unique way to take in the stunning views of Vilnius? Look no further than the TV Tower rooftop walk. Elevated more than 300 meters above the ground, this walk offers a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to view the city from a whole new perspective. Even better, it’s not just a great activity for tourists – it’s also beloved by locals. Meeting new people and connecting with the community while admiring the awe-inspiring panorama of Vilnius is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss this chance to see the city from a different angle! 


Before planning your visit, check the weather forecast for the day. It’s best to choose a clear day with good visibility for a more enjoyable experience and panoramic views from the rooftop.

In conclusion, Vilnius has so much to offer tourists and locals alike. From its art museums and galleries, historical churches, and fantastic restaurants and cafes to its lively nightlife, green parks, cultural events and more, there’s something for everyone who visits this delightful Lithuanian city. It also serves as an excellent base for exploring neighbouring countries such as Latvia or Poland – so it really is the perfect destination for a short holiday. What’s more, the Vilnians have been incredibly welcoming throughout our journey here; we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Whether you seek culture, adventure or simply a place to relax and recharge your batteries, don’t hesitate any longer: booking your trip to Vilnius is sure to be an extraordinary experience!

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