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Valladolid activities – Chichén Itzá & cenotes

There are many activities to do in Valladolid, Mexico. For example, you can visit the city’s historic downtown, visit Chichén Itzá, swim in the cenotes or discover Mexican cuisine on a cooking course. We have listed the best activities of Valladolid for you.

Activity Valladolid

1. Visit Chichén Itzá

Bezoek Chichén Itzá

When visiting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, make a stop in Valladolid and visit Chichén Itzá. This ancient Mayan city offers an educational and exciting experience for all ages! There is plenty to explore, including the Temple of Kukulkan, the Great Ball Court and El Castillo, a massive step pyramid known for its sheer size and grandeur. For those who want to experience history up close, a tour of this incredible Mesoamerican site is highly recommended. You will feel as if you have been transported back to another time as you marvel at the impressive structures at this grand archaeological site.


Buy your tickets through the link below and take advantage of a Chichen Itza tour, Cenote and lunch.

2. Swimming in the Cenote of the Maya Native Park

Zwemmen in de Cenote van het Maya Native Park

For an adventure you’ll never forget, take a trip to the Cenote of the Maya Native Park in Valladolid Mexico! This is a must-do activity for those who want to truly experience this amazing part of the world. With crystal clear waters and lush vegetation, it offers a unique opportunity to explore a tropical paradise up close. Take a dip and enjoy swimming in freshwater cenotes – giant natural sinkholes where you can experience the mysterious culture of the Maya. Embrace nature while enjoying some of the most breathtaking views Mexico has to offer!


Reserve your tickets through the link below and take advantage of lunch and all the activities offered.

3. Mexican cooking course

Mexicaanse kookcurcus

Have you ever dreamed of learning to make delicious Mexican dishes? Well, your dreams can now come true during a Mexican cooking course in Valladolid, Mexico! Professionals guide participants through the preparation and composition of typical Mexican dishes – from chilaquiles to muzquizos. Create memories and bond with the culture and people of Valladolid while being taught by local masters of the culinary arts. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and join us to create something unique!

Have you been able to choose between Valladolid’s various activities? Do you visit Chichén Itzá? Swim in the cenotes? Or take part in a Mexican cooking course? Let us know so we can inspire even more people when it comes to activities in Valladolid.

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