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Canggu best places to stay

Explore the epitome of luxury and comfort with City Addicts’ curated selection of hotels in Canggu, Bali. Our meticulously crafted guide showcases a diverse range of accommodations, from boutique hideaways to lavish beachfront resorts, ensuring that every traveler finds their perfect retreat in this tropical paradise. Whether you seek panoramic views of the ocean, serene jungle escapes, or vibrant urban hubs, our comprehensive listings cater to all preferences and budgets. Indulge in world-class amenities, impeccable service, and exquisite dining options as you immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and charm of Canggu. With our expert recommendations, your stay in Bali’s coastal gem promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. 

Best hotels in Canggu:

1. Teratai Villa

Teratai Villa - Canggu best places to stay

Teratai Villa in Canggu is an exquisite retreat that promises a serene and luxurious stay amidst Bali’s stunning landscapes. This villa offers a tranquil oasis with beautifully designed spaces that blend traditional Balinese architecture with modern comfort. Guests can enjoy the privacy of their own pool, surrounded by lush gardens, ensuring a peaceful escape. The prime location allows easy access to Canggu’s famous beaches, trendy cafes, and vibrant nightlife. Teratai Villa stands out as an exceptional choice among Canggu places to stay for those seeking a blend of relaxation, privacy, and access to local attractions. 

2. Roomates Hostel

Roomates Hostel - Canggu best places to stay

Roommates Hostel in Canggu offers an affordable and social lodging option for travelers. Known for its friendly atmosphere, it’s a place where guests can easily meet other travelers. The hostel is conveniently located near Canggu’s attractions, providing easy access to beaches, cafes, and nightlife. It offers comfortable, clean accommodations and a range of amenities designed for backpackers. Roommates Hostel is a top choice for those looking for budget-friendly Canggu places to stay, without sacrificing a vibrant social scene. 

3. Astera Resort

Astera Resort - Canggu best places to stay

Astera Resort in Canggu is an epitome of luxury and serenity, making it a prime choice for those seeking an exceptional stay in Bali. Nestled amidst lush landscapes, the resort offers stunning accommodations that blend modern aesthetics with traditional Balinese elements. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, savor gourmet dining experiences, and relax by the elegant infinity pool with breathtaking views. Its proximity to Canggu’s famous surf beaches and vibrant nightlife ensures a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. Astera Resort is undoubtedly a distinguished destination among Canggu places to stay for discerning travelers. 

4. Aeera Villa

Aeera Villa - Canggu best places to stay

Aeera Villa in Canggu is a luxurious haven for travelers seeking both tranquility and proximity to Canggu’s lively scene. This villa boasts stylish, contemporary design with spacious living areas and private pools, offering an intimate getaway. Its location allows guests easy access to the surf, local eateries, and cultural spots, making it an ideal base for exploration. Aeera Villa provides a serene, comfortable environment with top-notch amenities, standing out as a premier choice among Canggu places to stay for those who value privacy and elegance. 


The hotel offers various accommodations, from suites to villas.

5. Bloomfield Bali

Bloomfield Bali - Canggu best places to stay

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Canggu, Bloomfield Bali offers a tranquil escape with a touch of luxury. This boutique accommodation merges traditional Balinese architecture with modern design, creating an atmosphere of serene elegance. Guests can unwind in the eco-friendly infinity pool, indulge in organic culinary delights, and enjoy yoga sessions with a view. Just a short ride from the famous surf breaks, Bloomfield Bali is an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious balance between adventure and relaxation in Canggu places to stay. 

6. The Calmtree Bungalows

The Calmtree Bungalows - Canggu best places to stay

Experience the authentic Balinese lifestyle at The Calmtree Bungalows, a charming hideaway in the heart of Canggu. This tropical oasis features traditionally crafted bamboo bungalows surrounded by lush gardens, offering a peaceful and intimate setting. With its close proximity to Canggu’s vibrant cafes and stunning beaches, guests can easily explore the local culture or simply relax by the natural saltwater pool. The Calmtree Bungalows is a perfect option for travelers seeking a unique and cozy Canggu place to stay. 

Area shuttles and vehicle rental are offered for those who wish to explore the area.

7. Lila Loka Homestay

Lila Loka Homestay - Canggu best places to stay

Lila Loka Homestay provides a home away from home in the bustling Canggu area, offering guests a blend of comfort and local hospitality. This family-run homestay features comfortable rooms, a shared kitchen, and a communal lounge area, making it ideal for budget-conscious travelers. Its location allows easy access to Canggu’s scenic rice fields, lively markets, and surf beaches. For those looking to experience the warmth of Balinese culture in a friendly setting, Lila Loka Homestay is a fantastic Canggu place to stay. 

8. Bali Full Moon Guest House

Bali Full Moon Guest House - Canggu best places to stay

Situated just moments away from Canggu’s iconic surf spots, Bali Full Moon Guest House offers an idyllic retreat for surfers and beach lovers alike. Guests can enjoy spacious, air-conditioned rooms with private terraces overlooking the garden, an outdoor pool, and a rooftop terrace for sunset views. With its blend of convenience, comfort, and friendly service, Bali Full Moon Guest House stands out as a welcoming Canggu place to stay for those looking to capture the essence of island living. 

9. Maylie Bali Villa & Bungalows

Maylie Bali Villa & Bungalows - Canggu best places to stay

Maylie Bali Villa & Bungalows presents an exquisite getaway amidst the picturesque settings of Canggu. This luxurious accommodation features private villas and bungalows with unique decor, private pools, and lush garden views. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, enjoy delicious meals in the on-site restaurant, and take part in cooking classes. For an immersive experience of tranquility and luxury in Canggu places to stay, Maylie Bali Villa & Bungalows is unparalleled. 

À la carte and continental breakfast options with local specialities, fruits and juice are available every morning at the guest house. There is a coffee shop, and packed lunches are also available.

10. Amore Villas

Amore Villas - Canggu best places to stay

Discover the epitome of luxury at Amore Villas, where elegance meets tropical beauty in the heart of Canggu. Each villa offers privacy with its own pool, surrounded by stunning landscapes, ensuring a secluded and romantic retreat. The property is conveniently located near Canggu’s trendy cafes, shops, and beaches, providing the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Amore Villas is an ideal Canggu place to stay for those seeking an exclusive and sophisticated island escape. 

11. Ecozy Dijiwa Canggu

Ecozy Dijiwa Canggu - Canggu best places to stay

Embrace eco-friendly living without compromising on comfort at Ecozy Dijiwa Canggu, a sustainable retreat designed for the conscious traveler. This accommodation boasts environmentally friendly practices, organic gardens, and a serene ambiance. Guests can enjoy modern amenities, wellness activities, and a close connection to nature. Ecozy Dijiwa Canggu offers a refreshing and mindful approach to your stay in Canggu places to stay. 

The eating area has a closed space with AC, where you can spent time working.

12. Theanna Villa and Spa Canggu

Theanna Villa and Spa Canggu - Canggu best places to stay

Indulge in the ultimate spa retreat at Theanna Villa and Spa Canggu, where luxury meets wellness in a serene setting. Each villa provides a private sanctuary with a pool, offering a perfect blend of privacy and indulgence. The on-site spa specializes in traditional Balinese treatments, promising rejuvenation and relaxation. With its peaceful atmosphere and attentive service, Theanna Villa and Spa Canggu is a haven for those seeking a pampering Canggu place to stay. 

13. Komea Villa

Komea Villa - Canggu best places to stay

Komea Villa offers an intimate and luxurious retreat in Canggu, featuring private villas that blend traditional Balinese architecture with contemporary elegance. With personal butler service, private pools, and lush tropical gardens, guests are guaranteed a serene and bespoke experience. Komea Villa is a stone’s throw away from Canggu’s beaches and cultural attractions, making it a premier choice for those seeking privacy and convenience in Canggu places to stay. 


Guests can enjoy a relaxing body massage or enjoy cycling and horse riding.

14. Kano Canggu

Kano Canggu - Canggu best places to stay

Kano Canggu brings a vibrant and youthful spirit to the heart of Canggu, offering stylish accommodations designed with the modern traveler in mind. This boutique hotel features a rooftop pool, a lively bar, and creative workspaces, fostering a social and dynamic environment. It’s the ideal spot for digital nomads and young adventurers looking to connect and explore Canggu places to stay. 


Kano Canggu offers a barbecue. Both a bicycle rental service and a car rental service are available at the accommodation.

15. Nunu Bali Eco Friendly Retreat

Nunu Bali Eco Friendly Retreat - Canggu best places to stay

Set in the tranquil outskirts of Canggu, Nunu Bali Eco Friendly Retreat is a sanctuary for those seeking to reconnect with nature and themselves. This eco-friendly retreat emphasizes sustainability, offering organic meals, yoga classes, and eco-friendly accommodations. Surrounded by rice paddies and natural beauty, guests can unwind in a setting that promotes wellness and environmental responsibility. Nunu Bali Eco Friendly Retreat is a unique and mindful choice among Canggu places to stay for the eco-conscious traveler. 

In conclusion, City Addicts offers an unparalleled guide to hotels in Canggu, Bali, ensuring that your stay in this idyllic destination exceeds all expectations. With our handpicked selection of accommodations ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to charming boutique hotels, we strive to cater to every traveler’s needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking ultimate relaxation, thrilling adventures, or cultural immersion, our comprehensive listings provide the perfect sanctuary to create unforgettable memories in Canggu. Embrace the warmth of Balinese hospitality, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings, and let every moment of your stay be a testament to the enchanting allure of this tropical paradise. Trust City Addicts to elevate your Canggu experience, leaving you with cherished memories that linger long after your journey has ended. 

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